Z21: Model Railway Control Made Easy

The latest generation of multi-protocol command station is the ideal control system for locomotives with DCC or Motorola decoders and the perfect control for all digital components. The center connects the system and the digital locomotives via Wi-Fi using a smartphone (Apple Ipad, Iphone, Android Tablet or Android Phone) and the control apps installed there, either one of our digital cabs or-Z21 Mobile App.

Simply put, you can control your Model Railway using your mobile phone or tablet.

Z21 Ipad Control
Z21 Iphone Control
Easy intuitive control on both mobiles and tablet computers. Split-screen allows you to control locomotives and accessories at the same time.

Z21 Controller Details

  • Control your layout using your own smartphone or tablet
  • Select your locos on sight rather than needing to remember address numbers
  • Create an aerial view of your layout and position the points and accessories where they are on the layout
  • Many interfaces: LAN, 3-times-X bus, feedback, and Booster LocoNet bus, main (confirmable), Programming and update track (confirmable)
  • Full programming capability.
  • Easy to use graphical interface.
  • Management of your entire locomotive library in a single application.
  • Control switches, signals and many other digital components.
  • For iPads and Android tablets
  • Includes: Z21 digital center, wireless router, laptop or desktop computer-powerful switch-mode power supply.

To view the Z21 Brochure Click Here.

Z21 front and back Z21 Controller Map